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About SEEDS Malaysia 2017

In 2014, SEEDS Malaysia, with its brought together experts and affiliated organizations to examine sustainable and eco education development both locally and internationally to benefit educators of the country who require the guidance and path-breaking ideas to lead their way towards a greener future.
It also discussed how together, we can achieve one of the greatest feats of all: helping Malaysian children to discover a brighter, more promising world.

SEEDS 2017 with the theme ‘Towards Sustainable Socio Eco Living’ and its mission ‘To excite and inspire Social Eco Enterprises in sustainability practices in Malaysia’ target to attract over 300 partcipants. With a lineup of an amazing, engaging and dynamic list of speakers that will pleasantly surprise the audience, SEEDS 2017 is about building sustainable future for the communities and will also examine and acknowledge the development of local eco enterprises while learning from the samples and success of international ones.

SEEDS 2017 will include a diverse of interests: environmental, sustainability, health, recreational, commercial and socio economic issues.  It is hoped that participants will enjoy themselves and will receive information on issues of concern. We also aim to bring together participants and visitors from all walks of life to examine how together we can build a sustainable future in a happy and healthy environment while fostering unity and instilling multiracial understanding, necessary in a diverse society like Malaysia.


“ Towards Sustainable Socio Eco Living ”


‘To excite and inspire Social Eco Enterprises in sustainability practices in Malaysia’


  • To promote best practises in eco socio business
  • To promote relationship building among people, projects and enterprises
  • To Expose the community to the range of offerings and pioneers
  • To develop the local eco socio culture of cross disciplinary collaborations